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getting back to normal following this weekend's big blaze arrested. more than 200,000 people are still without power and schools in boston remain closed today. airlines and trains say they are operating on a close to normal schedule into the region. it is even surprising that they are when you look at how much snow they have. >> i have a relative in boston and she hasn't had power. all the neighbors are in her house because she has a generator. rain will be with us. not going to rain all day today. but your morning commute will be on the wet sigh as we have a warm front moving through. warmer air on the way at least temporarily. there is your radar. you can see the rain showers. generally north to south here working through northern maryland down towards d.c., down to the south, dale city and then a heavier band that is out to the east now pushing across the bay just east of annapolis. back side of this now pushing
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into the mountains and we should see the rain move out by 8:00, 9:00 this morning. temperatures at reagan national, 38 degrees. 49 in columbus. see a little of that green on the map. that is is warmer air that will get in here today. we are expecting highs to jump into the upper 50s, maybe some 60s. 52347 washington. there you go, 62 in fredericksburg. lower 50s north and west. hagerstown, 53 degrees. lots of clouds later today. might be a peek of sun by 4:00, 5:00 today. we'll be in for a nice look being day and a warm day tomorrow. i'll have details on that in just a minute. >> 25 in boston. think how cold it is if people don't have power. >> i thought i was having problems because my little mini heater in the pink palace is
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not working right today. kicked it, wisdom. >> oh, my goodness. >> kicking heaters in the pink palace. >> the lanes are open coming in out of germantown. so far, so good, no accidents reported. but again, wet pavement. that means whether it's wintry mix or just plain rain, that means your commute will be delayed so plan accordingly. allow some extra time out here on the roads. you will need to be patient. it will get worse before it gets better. this is 66 eastbound coming in out of manassas. still an easy drive in spite of the wet pavement continuing from business 234 headed in towards centreville and now northbound on i-95 out of newington. volume increasing here but in the express lanes and the many line, the pace is good headed out to the capital beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. e traffic. we have more now on that northeast d.c. fire we told you about at 4:30. take a look at. this these are live pictures from the scene. d.c. fire confirms to fox 5 it was an abandoned home that was
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on fire. this is in the 5800 block of field place. no one was hurt. and right now, there some road closures in the area including parts of eastern avenue, 58th and 59th street and portions of nanny helen burrows avenue. red light cameras are catching some of you because they are quite sensitive. >> what is the catch in all of this? fox 5's melanie alnwick is live in rockville with more on this story. what is going on? >> reporter: well, here is what is going on. in 2002, the city of rockville began its red light program and the citations for red light running as we came to understand the program's purpose were about 8500 a year. now, the citations have more than doubled and that spectator slowdown simply because rockville made a change not only in its cameras but also in the way it is enforcing red
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light running. now, the city is going to ticket you, the camera will flash in a drive just crosses that right line. even in they stop, not necessarily because they blow through the red light. the cameras also will videotape drivers who making right turns on red. if they do not come a complete stop before they then make the turn. so we went and looked at the city of rockville's web site. we got some information from them and take a look at the three most ticketed intersections. you can seat big difference in citing as that this change in their policy has made. westbound goody drive at research, in 2012, there were 5087 violations in in 2011, there were only 1043. westbound goody drive at
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gaither road. pretty significant number of red light citations there. the sickettes are $75 each. last year, rockville brought in $1.3 million, more than double the money that the city brought in from red light cratations last year and in many of the years past. so we're going to continue to follow up on this all morning long. coming up a little later, we'll talk about why at least one organization says that this program and others like it and the way they are enforcing these red light violations may not be in compliance with federal standards. back to you. >> something is not right there. thank you. a news alert out of prince george's county now. police are searching for a suspect in the murder of a 71- year-old woman. geraldine mcintyre was found dead in her home on chapel oaks
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drive saturday afternoon. so far, investigators don't have a motive. >> the investigate as to whether there was any forced entry or whether the incident took place in the home, whether that person was let in or what it could possibly be. >> there is a reward of up to $25 how for information leading to an arrest in this case. when we come back, we'll talk about this. too many people are abusing a government program meant to help people get by when a health problem puts them out of pocket. >> still head, we'll take a closer look at the growing problem of disability fraud and what the government is doing to catch cheaters. >> first, a massive manhunt for and lapd -- a former lapd officer accused in a killing spree. details on a new reward police are offering in that case. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits.
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a look at some of the morning's top stories now, in california, the massive manhunt continues for a former lapd officer accused of killing three people. a $1 million reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of crister dorner. on sundays, a home improvement store in los angeles was evacuated after someone spotted a person resembling the fugitive. so far, there is no evidence
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that dorner was actually there. a 12-year-old is under arrest for allegedly making threats against a school in california. the twin peeks middle school got an e-mail friday saying that 23 students and a teacher would be shot at school today. police were alerted and launched an investigation identifying a seventh grade boy as the suspect. detectives with a search warrant seized several computers, rifles and handguns from the student's home. we will soon get an idea of president barack obama's second term agenda when he gives the state of the union speech tomorrow night. the president is also expected to lay out ideas to solve the budget crisis and topping the list is the sequester those massive automatic spending cuts that are schedule to take effect on march 1st. the president has suggested a mix of spending cuts and tax hikes but republicans say they can't accept any more tax increases. >> when an injury are illness makes it impossible for to you work, disability pay cab
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lifesaver. >> but the government says far too many people are abusing the program. -- can be a lifesaver. >> we have rain showers moving on through. most of the rain will be out of here by the end of the commute. we'll be dealing with warmer temperatures. i'm have the details on the weather. julie wright will have a look at the traffic coming up. [ male announcer ] liste to this symphony of flavor: crrkkhshziiiizzlllee. beautiful. shhhhshshshshhshshhhhhsshhhshs. gorgeous! here comes the crescendo. kkerrrrbbuuuuuucraaackkk. just...incredible. pillsbury toaster strudel. if beethoven made breakfast.
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customers in the laurel and beltville area. some customer may notice discolored water. they say the water is not harmful but it may taste different. ws. c says did not use the water to prepare baby formula and don't wash your clothes in it. the discolored water was caused by a water main break and could last for a few more days. there is more information on take a look at. this nasa has released an image of this weekend's blizzard as it bore down on new england. this was taken just after 7:00 a.m. on saturday. the storm is blamed for at least 15 deaths in the northeast and canada. transportation in cities including new york and boston is getting back to normal today but schools in boston -- school in boston is canceled. more than 200,000 people are still without power following this weekend's blizzards. most of those outages are in the boston area. again, schools in the city remain closed today. transportation officials say they are working to make sure
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this morning's commute is as smooth as possible. they are urging people to use mass transit or work from home if at all possible. >> anything that you can do to help us knock the piles down on the intersections are going to help public safety. shoveling sidewalks i know will take a couple of days but if you are walking in the street, just be very, very careful. we don't want to see a lot of pedestrian accidents. use caution. it will take us a couple of days to get this back in place but things are moving along nicely. >> airports and train stations are also getting back to normal. airlines say they are operating on a close to normal schedule in the area and amtrak now has limited service between new york and boston. back here at home, rain is what we are dealing with right now. we take a live look out on one of the roadways right now. you can see it reflecting all the water on there. so has the rain moved out tucker or are we still going to get some more? >> it is still raining but not terribly heavy. kind after light rain across the area. it will be with us for a for
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you more hours. i think by the 8:00, 9:00 time frame, the rain will be out of here. it should be a warmer monday. >> yeah, something to hang onto. >> mid-50s around here and parts of the region as you get down to south central virginia, maybe some 60s later today, low 60s. last week, we talked about the warmer temperatures and they will arrive a little later today. this is actually the leading edge of that warmer air moving n. >> wacky weather. >> nothing to slofl around here. just rain. temperatures in the mid-30s. it's good thing. -- nothing to shovel around here. >> if it were any colder, we would be dealing with freezing rain. at the moment, it is just liquid. 37 at reagan national. we are not expecting it to be anything other than liquid. 36 in frederick. 39 in culpeper. 43 in leonardtown. the warmer temperatures will
5:17 am
surge in later this morning or afternoon. even with the cloud cover, you will notice the temperature are on the mild side this afternoon with highs expected in the 50s. here is a look at your satellite-radar. you can see the rain showers moving through west to east and off to the north they go. the heaviest rain is now to our east, out towards baltimore, pushing across the bay. stevensville, chestertown, getting some pretty good rain. still raining inside the metro area here inside the beltway. we are still getting light rain showers and you afew showers redeveloping out to the west. bottom line, we have showers in the forecast the next couple of hours and then things should gradually improve. i think we'll be dealing with clouds all day today. at least the rain showers should get out of here and it will just be a rather cloudy afternoon. here is the bigger picture. satellite-radar, the actual area of low pressure responsible for this morning's rain there up towards minneapolis and we'll have a warm front and a cold front come through later tonight. whether that cold front comes through, it will hang up to our south. we will watch yet another storm system develop along the cold front right up and off the
5:18 am
coast of the crimes by wednesday afternoon and wednesday night. right about there. that could bring us an interesting forecast during the day on wednesday. so put that in your calendar that we've got to look out for wednesday for the potential for rain and/or snow by wednesday afternoon, wednesday night. 57 today. early showers. cloudy and warm this afternoon. tonight, 36 your overnight low. clearing skies and plain old chilly overnight. not terribly cold but many of us will be near freezing tomorrow morning. there is your accu-weather seven-day forecast. rain sand/or snow wednesday night. thursday, friday, look good and we could do it again saturday. highs only in the 30s. there could be another storm system lurking here next weekend. we have to watch that one too. that is weather. let's do some traffic and find out what is happening with julie. the caps finally won i game in convincing fashion. >> i was there saturday night. >> you bring them some good
5:19 am
luck? i don't know but they won 5-0. i love it. northbound i-59 in both the express lanes and main line, traffic at speed in spite of this wet pavement headed up onto 395 and southbound 270 out of german up two. no issues reported south of 118 continuing out towards the split. kenilworth avenue at eastern, lanes are open trying to bet past the d.c. line headed into southeast. utheast. -- trying to get past the d.c. line headed into southeast. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. you've seep it on the signs and felt if t. in your wallet. gas prices are going up. the latest lundburg survey says the average price per gatt long has jumped 25 cents over last two weeks. aaa says over the weekend, the average cost if i gallon of regular was $3.74 in d.c. 4 in you know, disability pay can be a lifesaver when you
5:20 am
really need it. >> but disability fraud is a growing problem. fox's david lee miller has more. >> reporter: investigators say the woman wearing a statue of liberty headband playing drums fraudulently collected years of social security disability insurance. she claims she couldn't work due to anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder. she ripped off the system until caught partying at this music festival. >> she alleged she pent most of her time alone in in her own house just trying to ease her own'sitey. >> reporter: there are now 8.8 million people, more than the population of new york city, claiming they are unable to work and collecting social security disability insurance. >> there is a fair amount of fraud and abuse in the system simply because of the way it is organized. >> reporter: in addition to physical ailments, applicants can claim to be suffering from mental disorders that are easily faked such as difficulty concentrating. the majority of people collecting a check never return
5:21 am
to work unless doing so illegally off the books. >> social security just simply doesn't have the ability at this point in time to go and recheck people the way it should, the way that it is actually required to do. >> reporter: social security's disability system is not the only one overburdened. bloomfield new jersey police sergeant john sergio says police and firemen are abusing the system. he says 95% of all disability claims are questionable. >> i remember while sitting on his desk, somebody came out and patted him on the shoulders and he is out with neck injuries. >> experts say it is tough to calculate the cost of disabuilt fraud because most is unreported. disabled workers on social security receive about $1100 a but the total bill for taxpayers, $130 billion a year. authorities have some around r warning for potential cheats. >> it is not an easy thing to do and if do you it, there is a good chance we'll find you.
5:22 am
>> reporter: experts warn the disability trust fund could son go broke unless congress acts to boost funding and cut waste. those who stand to lose the most because of fraud are people legitimately disabled who need benefits. one of the australian dy's who was removed after making a prank phone call involving the duchess of cambridge. the djs pretended to be queen elizabeth and prince charles when they called the hospital asking about kate's condition. one student at the just of maryland is turning a common problem into profits. details on his booming business when we come back. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? bee happy. bee healthy. with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean, watson the super computer is proving he can do more just answer trivia questions. forbes magazine says he has his first customer in the business of health care advice. at least two health care providers have been signed on to be able to tap into the super computer for information on lung cancer and a complex area of health insurance. those are the two specialties watson is currently trained in. >> a local college student has
5:26 am
quite the side job of his own. >> the university of maryland senior is in the business of repairing iphones and business couldn't be better. fox 5's audrey barnes has the story. >> reporter: you see it all the time. people walking around with cracked iphone screens. to university of maryland economics major harrison balm, those shattered screens were the start of his new business. on campus repairs. >> can you have your phone back in an hour and have it good as new for the cheapest rates around. >> reporter: he taught himself how to make the repairs. he is now repairing 50 to 70 phones a for for about $70 each. working on the phones of clonal students within challenging. >> it is 37 steps. sometimes it might take a little longer because people spill beer in their phone and i'll open it and everything will be stuck together and people try to fix it themselves and mess everything up and it
5:27 am
takes me twice as long. >> reporter: on-campus repairs just launched last spring and business is booming. >> mostly what i do is screen repair. and i not only repair them for other people but i guess the other half of my business is buying used and cracked ones, fixing them up and unlocking them and selling them overseas. >> reporter: entrepreneurship runs in his family. his dad hay college business repairing tvs. his grandfather ran a business and so did his dad. he says the best part about on campus repairs is he will be able to repay his father every dime of due jigs. >> i've done easily over a thousand phones. >> are you making money at it? >> it is great. it pays for college. i cooperate ask if anything more. >> reporter: he may open an assisted living facility with his best friend, posterior sue stand-up comedy or train and hire people to fix phones with him and take on-campus repairs to a whole new level. >> i have always just believed that i could do this and i
5:28 am
have. i think that is really the biggest motivating factor for me is knowing i can do it. >> reporter: that is the best college experience of all. >> he has several interests they were talking about. >> a wide spectrum. but good for him. he has found a way to make some money. >> find out why aaa is criticizing some local red light cameras ticketing people even when they have stopped.
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80 calorie chocolate cereal. ♪ chocolate. we'll check in with tucker barnes in just a few seconds probably. first, clean-up is under way in parts of mississippi this morning after a round of severe weather. a tornado tore through the city of hattiesburg on sunday. more than 60 people were gorped arrested hundreds of homes were damaged in at least three counties. there are also reports of damage on the campus of the university of southern mississippi but fortunately, no injuries reported there. and parts of the northeast, they are working to get things ready for the morning commute. transportation officials in boston are working to get service back on a regular schedule. most airlines say they are running on close to normal
5:32 am
schedules. thousands of homes and businesses are still in the dark mostly in massachusetts. >> how does that compare to our snow from a couple of years ago? >> right on par. our biggest event that winter gave us about 4 inches. >> okay. >> it varied. we had parts of the area that had 30. >> didn't he have we have a second snow that year? we had two storms of more than 10 inchess in about a week. >> i remember that. >> we all remember that. >> it hasn't snowed since then. we've gone basically three years. we did have a little something two years ago. last year, almost nothing. and this year, not much. the pattern looks very active in the next couple of weeks. so put on your weather seat belt. >> here we go! >> let's get right to the radar. light rain showers moving through. temperature are in the mid- to upper 30s. so we're not concerned with any icing out there. that is good news. but there are wet roadways and i'm sure julie will tell you that will slow things down for
5:33 am
you as you head out the door. heaviest rain pushing out towards chestertown. to the west of town here out towards frederick and leesburg, we are not seeing a whole lot of redevelopment. so that might be the back edge of the rain showers and again, i think by 8:00, 9:00, we'll be dealing with just clouds. it will be a mostly cloudy day today but a warmer day. we are expecting highs to punch into the mid-50s later this afternoon as we get a surge of warmer air temporarily moving on in. 37 right now. that is the winning number at the local airports. reagan national, dulles and bwi marshall reporting a temperature of 37 degrees. that might be our number for the day. >> you might want to play that for powerball. >> exactly. here is your forecast. mid-50s this afternoon. could be a peak of sunshine by 5:00 p.m. most of your day will be kind of cloudy without rain. rain will be out of here in the next couple of hours. >> time to check in with julie wright and get an update on the
5:34 am
morning commute. >> all right, you guys. in northeast washington now, we have live pictures of the abandoned house that is on fire with a lot of equipment on the scene. this is what is affecting your commute if you are travel ago long field place just off of eastern avenue. we do have a portion of eastern that is affected by this, burrows avenue, 58th, 59th street. all of these streets are blocked off right now. we are told it was an abandoned house with no injuries. there is still smoke coming from the house. still parts of eastern avenue and burrows affected by this and that remain shut down including 5 #th street an 59th street. let's go live to the cameras. we'll show you what is happening out on the roads as you travel through northeast. southbound 207 coming in out of germantown, the lanes are open headed out towards the split. this happens to be kenilworth avenue headed out to the d.c. line to southeast. this rain will impact your commute this morning. allow extra time out here on
5:35 am
the highway. 66 eastbound coming in from manassas, no issues reported leaving business 234 headed past 28 in crept areville. lanes are open on the beltway between annandale and miles an hour i field. northbound i-95, starting to see the slow traffic build in volume out of sphaf stored leaving aquia harbor headed out towards dumfries. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. e traffic. -- out of stafford leaving aquia harbor headed out towards dumfries. drivers in maryland are up in arms about red light cameras in rockville. >> they say the red light cameras are issuing tickets when the car isn't even moving. melanie alnwick has the details. >> good morning. this certainly has sparked a lot of controversy and a lot of complaint from drivers especially people would thought that they were following a law making a legal right turn on red only to find out later that they got a ticket in the mail, a $57 ticket from the city of rockville for what rockville deemed would be a violation. so here is how it works. in 2002, the city of rockville
5:36 am
began its red light program and citing as averaged about 8500 a year up until they made this change. now, the citations have more than doubled. it is all because the city of rockville changed the camera vendors and the cameras and they also changed what rockville considers to be a red light violation. the new cameras were installed last summer. they became operational in august. now, the cameras will flash for a driver just crosses that white stop line, not just in they blow through the red light. the cameras also videotaped drivers making right turns on red which is legal. but they will get a tick fete they don't come to a complete stop before making the right turn. here is a look at the three most ticketed intersections in the city of rockville. westbound goody drive at research boulevard, 5087 violations in 2012.
5:37 am
1043 in 2011. westbound goody at gaither road, 4487 in 2012. 756 in 2011. and then northbound seven locks at fortune terrace, 3981 in just five months. they didn't have a camera in in 2011. all those tickets racked up from august to december of last year. the tickets are $75 each. that means the city of rockville in 2012 brought in more than $1.3 million. wisdom and sarah, that is more than double what they brought in in 2011 and other years past. coming up in the 6:00 hour, we'll be life with lon anderson from aaa to talk a little bit more about this camera controversy. i'm sure he will be fired up as lon usually gets over issues like this. thank you. a news alert out of prince george's county this morning. police are searching for a murder suspect wanted for
5:38 am
killing a 71-year-old woman. police found geraldine mcentire dead in her capital heights home on chapel oaks drive saturday afternoon. no word yet on a motive in this. a reward of up to $5,000 is being offered for information leading to an arrest. also making headlines this morning, more developments are expected today in the trial of the men accused mastermindattac accusations are being raised about eavesdropping. this week, some d.c. national guard troops on their way to guantanamo. we'll have more on their big sendoff over the weekend. we'll be back. ♪
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[ male announcer ] love chex? connect with us on facebook. headaching headlines, lawyers will be back in court at the guantanamo bay key tension trial for five of the alleged 9-11 terrorists. they want to know in the government has been eavesdropping on their private conversations. defense attorneys we'll submit a request for a hold on the proceedings until they can get to the bottom of the eavesdropping claims. here in d.c., about 60 military police are getting ready to head out to guantanamo bay. there was a big celebration for the 372nd military police battalion of the d.c. national guard at the d.c. armory yesterday. for the last year, they've been training at fort leavenworth in
5:42 am
kansas and fort indiana town gap in pennsylvania. a new american general is taking over in afghanistan now. marine general joseph dunford is described as last general in the longest war in u.s. history. he is assuming command of all american and nato forces as the coalition enters its final stretch. they are all sporessed to withdraw from afghanistan next year. he takes over from general john allen who president obama wants as the next head of nato forces in europe. coming up next on fox 5 morning news, grammy organizers grabbed the headline when they put out this list, this dress code for the stars. >> when you tell some of the biggest name in mousse you can they can't do something, guess what happens? we'll have a look at some red carp earth rule fortunating when we come back. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents are awesome.
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welcome back. a messy start to your week. wish we could change that. >> unfortunately, get something rain out there at the moment but at least it is in liquid form. we are not dealing with any freezing rain as temperatures have pushed up into the mid- 30s. it won't rain all day today. we will have some showers early. most of the day will feature just clouds. it will not be a terrible day particularly with temperatures
5:46 am
expected to be in the 50s later this afternoon. it will warm up. 37 right now in the city. 38 in annapolis. notice that area-wide from salisbury out to cumberland, our temperatures are above freezing. i mentioned high temperatures out in the others. parts of the area may get into the 60s for a time a little later today up head of our cold front which will be moving in during the nighttime hours. there is your rain shower activity. you can see the bulk of the rain has pushed off to the north and east. i think by 8:00, 9:00, most of the rain should be east of us and we'll be dealing with just a lot of cloud cover for your day today. it won't be a terrible day. at least it will be a comfortable day although the clouds will hold tough for much of the day. there might be fog developing later this afternoon. there is your area of low pressure responsible for all our storminess. the front will move through later tonight t will hang up to
5:47 am
our south and we'll watch another storm system develop down in the south and slide up towards the washington area by wednesday afternoon, wednesday night into early thursday. still some question marks about the track of that storm. we have the possibility of some winter weather by the second half of wednesday and wednesday night. keep that in mind as you make your plans for the week. no issued today as far as any winter weather. 9:00, maybe a few peeks of sunshine out to the west and the clouds kind of fill in for the day. late this afternoon, a few more peeks of sunshine and gradually clearing tonight and cooling off. there we are by 11:00 tonight, we should clear right now. 57 today. early showers, cloudy and a warmer afternoon than we had around here this weekend. winds out of the south and west at five to 10. the rain showers out of here by 8:00 or 9:00 tonight. winds out of west at about five to 10. there is your accu-weather seven-day forecast. tomorrow looks good, 52. we cloud up on wednesday and could be a period of rain
5:48 am
and/or snow around here. right now, thinking more on the snow side of things but we'll see. thursday and friday, mid-40s. we could do it again this weekend. check out your cold temperatures. let's do some traffic and see what is going on with yuley. >> it is cold in here today. >> well, maybe that is because you've got, you know, exposed skin. >> i'm not an artist at the grammys. 66 coming inbound this morning. please get him a cup of coffee. wet pavement is what you are waking up to. looking good in newington but you are below speed from aquia
5:49 am
harbor headed out towards quantico. >> the grammy goes to -- i love this song, somebody that i used to know. >> gauthier picking up the grammy for the record of the year. & somebody that i used to know. >> we've all been trying to get that out of her heads for the past year and now it is back. >> the pop band fun took home the song of the year. they earned it for their hit, we are young. i've never heard of it. it was the group's first grammy appearance beating out other nominees. mumford and sons won for album of the year.
5:50 am
on. >> we'll stop our singing now. on the grammys' red carpet, all the talk was about whether the stars would stick to the dress code. they asked the selbyeries not to be too revealing. most of the ladies were covered up although there were a few exceptions. kelly roll linds had see- through stripes on her dress. and j-lo said i read the memo when she arrived wearing a began up to her hip, almost up to her face. >> she just didn't have anything on that leg. >> can you run that back again? >> no, no. >> we got to move on. >> get your workweek started right with a little sports breakfast. >> dave ross is here with more on what happened on the hard court this weekend including a record-setting moment. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
5:51 am
has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! ♪ wow. [ buzz ] delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? bee happy. bee healthy. with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean,
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time now for sports breakfast can we roll the j-lo video again. >> i was going to ask what you did this weekend. now i know what you did. >> i didn't do that this weekend. >> a football-free weekend? >> it was all about college hoops. >> it is all about college hoops right now. it was a big game yesterday for
5:54 am
maryland. it was a good old-fashioned border war between your maryland terrapins and uva. virginia coming in here and this is not what they expected. the terps down six at the break. in the second half, virginia took this thing over. this is at home for maryland. if this is at uva, you might say that's one thing. in the final minutes, i did a story with b. this kid about two and a half years ago. look at justin anderson. look at the finish by ja who decommitted from maryland after gary williams decided to retire and went to virginia. here is the problem for uva now at 17-6. they are 7-3 in the acc. maryland, 17-7, they fall for 5- 6 in the acc. so what you are talking about bubble, it might have burst
5:55 am
there a little bit. they have to get hot down the stretch. your guy, the king, lebron j ames. >> my guy? >> acrobatic. >> lebron is doing some things these days. fifth straight game with 30. >> that's how do you it right there. >> miami gets the big win 107- 97. hottest team in the east is? >> miami heat? >> boston celtics. >> oh, i thought you were talking about relevant teams. >> guess who is third? washington wizards. >> are you beating that drum again? >> here is what we don't know.
5:56 am
>> the playoffs? >> tucker barnes' voice. >> the ravens have some big decisions to make now that they are the super bowl champs. they've all gone to disney world. what do do you with a guy like antoine bolden. >> bye-bye? >> really? >> 32 years old. he is supposed to get $6 million next year h a huge super bowl, great postseason. one of the main reasons why you won the super bowl. and wisdom says out. >> why? >> money. >> you don't want to pay him. >> he says he will retire if he doesn't come back to baltimore next year. he wants to in charm city. >> he will retire. will he take a pay cut? >> no. >> okay. then, he will retire. just like the forecast just retired. >> i guess we're not going to go to golf. >> that is the big question. these are the problems that i'll super bowl champions. you don't know what to do with guys like him. tucker barnes did say to me, if
5:57 am
we don't win it next year, i'm okay with it. >> yeah, if you just won. >> resting on their laurels. >> all right. we'll hear from he really says when this time rolls around again. it will be a different story. >> he is not happy with me right now. >> straight ahead at 6:00, not a fan of coffee or tea? one soda giant is rolling out a new way to give you a jolt in the morning. we'll have more on that in this morning's business beat. >> let's say good morning to octavia quiana. she is on maternity leave and enjoys being home to catch fox 5 morning news. thank you for watching, octavia. >> for your chance to be tomorrow's fan of the day, like our opinion and post a comment below octavia's picture. >> we'll come back. we're not done yet. we'll check your morning commute and weather when fox 5 morning news comes back. [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits.
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delicious. but say i press a few out flat...
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